1-Correct measurements right from the start

Proper installation and commissioning of a new instrument is critical for ensuring the quality of analytical results. Profit from our experience and select the degree of installation service including documentation that fits your needs:

Basic installation Analytical Instrument Qualification (AIQ)

* Basic service.

* Basic Installation Record.

* Compliance service (IQ/OQ).

* For regulated environments.

* Documented proof of system installation and operation.

2-Preventive Maintenance – prevent problems before they arise

Preventive Maintenance is the key to your system’s accuracy and longevity. Choose the level of service that best suits your needs.

Agitech Care Contracts

  • Ideal cost-benefit-ratio.
  • Tailored service plans.
  • Keep your instrument in prime condition.
  • Peace of mind for your investment.
  • On-Site Training.
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