In life science research and analytical testing laboratories, your data are only as reliable as the technology you utilize to capture them. Whether your lab is dedicated to routine testing or the discovery and development of life-changing drugs, you require systems that provide reproducible results without sacrificing flexibility.

Experience confidence in your results

Since successfully commercializing the first triple quad mass spectrometer in 1981, SCIEX has been committed to meeting the needs of scientists around the globe. Our mass spec systems—as well as other life science products including capillary electrophoresis instruments, front-end HPLC MS products, software, and complete integrated solutions—are designed by scientists like you for scientists like you. Our products are used extensively in labs focused on environmental testing, food and beverage testing, pharma and biopharma discovery and development, forensics screening, clinical diagnostics, and life science research.

Let SCIEX help bring your lab to new levels

SCIEX is more than a manufacturer and distributor. We partner with you on your journey to better research, as the needs and demands of your lab grow. View product information for our entire portfolio below. Select a link to learn about solution options, kits, example results, part numbers, related products, and much more.

TripleTOF Systems
TripleTOF 5600+ System
Triple TOF 6600 System
X500B QTOF System
X500R QTOF System
QTRAP 6500 + LC-MS/MS System
QTRAP 5500 LC-MS/MS System
QTRAP 4500 LC-MS/MS System
QTRAP 3200 LC-MS/MS System
Triple Quad 6500+ LC-MS/MS System
Triple Quad 5500 LC-MS/MS System
Triple Quad 4500 LC-MS/MS SystemSystem
Triple Quad 3500 LC-MS/MS System
API 3200 LC-MS/MS System
ExionLC™ UHPLC and HPLC Systems
ExionLC AD

An affordable system that can handle a wide range of applications. With both HPLC and UHPLC capabilities the ExionLC AC is a reliable robust solution for routine analysis.

ExionLC AC

The system combines near zero carryover, full UHPLC capabilities to provide world-class performance under the most demanding analytical conditions.

M5 Microflow LC System
M5 MicroLC

The M5 MicroLC is a feature rich microflow LC-MS solution meant to simplify both small and large molecule quantitation and characterization. In addition to using a small sample size, this extremely sensitive, versatile instrument will help you save on costs, space, and fully integrates with your SCIEX mass spectrometer of choice.

NanoLC 400

The NanoLC™ 400 product series enables the full range of protein expression workflows that drive the identification of novel biomarkers to advance precision medicine research.

CESI 8000 Plus ESI-MS System

With the CESI 8000 Plus you can effectively integrate high-efficiency capillary electrophoresis (CE) with electrospray ionization (ESI) into a single dynamic process within the same device.

PA 800 Plus Pharmaceutical Analysis System

Flexible platform for multiple analytical assays with a temperature controlled capillary for the utmost data reproducibility and confidence.

CESI 8000 Plus ESI-MS-High-Performance System

Integrate capillary electrophoresis and electrospray ionization (ESI) in a single, dynamic process, significantly increasing separations efficiency, speed, and sensitivity.


Automated, programmable capillary electrophoresis systems designed to perform fast separations from complex samples.


All your genetic analyses needs on a single instrument. The GenomeLab GeXP supports a variety of applications, including DNA sequencing, fragment analysis, and multiplex gene expression.

Analyst® Software

Powerful LC-MS/MS Software offering flexible data acquisition, rapid data processing, reporting and compliance readiness for all your SCIEX mass specs.

SCIEX OS Software

The ultimate LC-MS/MS Software. Acquire, process and quantitate in one place to transform your workflow.

SCIEX OS-MQ Software

Improves processing and quantitating large numbers of analytes and samples in the least amount of time. Compatible with all SCIEX mass specs.

SCIEX OS-Q Software

Optimized for qualitative and quantitative data analysis this software advances your data processing capabilities with ease and confidence. Compatible with all SCIEX mass specs.

DiscoveryQuant™ Software

Efficiency gets easier. Reduce tardiness by streamlining method development for LC-MS/MS drug candidate screening workflows.

BioPharmaView™ Software

Built for speed. Accelerate biologics and biosimilar characterization and comparability analyses.

MarkerView™ Software

Realize what lays beneath your data. Uncover the story that lives within to turn it into actionable insights. Distill complex datasets, find significant differences and see trends in your data.

PeakView® Software

For the inquisitive. Everything you need for spectral analysis and data interrogation. Process accurate mass, structural interpretation and batch analysis within a few clicks.

ProteinPilot™ Software

Simplicity. Confidently identify and quantify proteins quickly.

OptiFlow Quant Solution

High sensitivity microflow quantitation solution that provides the signal-to-noise advantages of low flow separations, but with the robustness and usability expected of traditional analytical flow assays.

Biotransform Solution

From fast and efficient MetID to in-depth, comprehensive metabolism studies, SCIEX offers an integrated solution to give you confident biotransformation answers.

The Lipidyzer Platform

The Lipidyzer™ Platform offers a complete lipid analysis solution that can differentiate and quantify over a thousand lipid molecular species across 13 lipid classes.

MPX 2.0 High Throughput System

MPX 2.0 High Throughput System takes advantage of the downtime between injections from your LC and multiplexes two LC systems into one Mass Spec, doubling your throughput.

Biologics Quant Solution

The Biologics Quant Solution for large molecule quantitation offers you everything in one place to go from samples to answers with confidence.

Consumables & Standards

iChemistry Solutions are the world's only reagents and consumables custom-designed to boost the performance of your mass spectrometer and improve sensitivity, productivity, and data precision.

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